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Currently, the surveillance camera system may consist of many different products and technologies. Many suppliers build pieces of the system if it is part of a hybrid analog / digital or application end to end IP networking solution. The following sections explain the system the evolution CCTV, starting with a fully analog surveillance system and adding components until it reaches the network capacity.

An analog surveillance system consists of traditional analogue surveillancecameras, video intervals and monitors. A coaxial cable runs from one each camera multiplexing device that allows multiple surveillancecameras to record video, a screen for display. This period adjustment VCR allows the operator when the video recorder as a standard VHS tapes two hours can be used for much longer. The exchange off results poor picture quality in exchange for less frequent changes in volume or replace a picture.

Analogue CCTV surveillance systems have a variety of surveillance and control in the past twenty years. This technology is extremely old and outdated and replaced quickly by digital surveillancetechnology that is now over 80% of all new install..

Digital Video Recording (DVR)

The DVR is a computer with a dedicated video card with analog camera is connected via coaxial cable 75 ohms. DVRs typically use an operating system like Windows or Linux and Video Management System (VMS) software. DVRs and checked for keyboards, mice and monitors outside the installation, run software to monitor and access stored video recording. DVRs are generally internal Ethernet port for LAN or WAN systems.

Network-Attached Digital Video Recorder (NDVR)

Linked with a digital video recorder is part of the PC and Network Appliance, Part A network DVRs are very similar to a DVR and sometimes called is a network because it requires a connected keyboard, mouse or monitor. The device is connected directly into an Ethernet switch, and the only way to access the device on the network. Most of these DVRs based video management software (VMS), loaded on a computer network connected clients, Most of these products have internal hard drives for local storage of video files, but Can Be integrated arrays Direct Attached Storage (DAS) is connected, Network Attached Storage (NAS) or Area Networks storage hardware (SAN) for the LAN or WAN. With these high end equipments you can secure your business and increase production . we are Network Single Solution Provider. use our services and protect your personals. We custom engineer the monitoring system for your business. or we can sell you the equipment direct.

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